Thursday, 7 October 2010

The Me.

Hello! My name is Chela. There. You've got it wrong already. How did you read my name in your head? It is in fact pronounced Shey-la. (Sheyla the sailor) Odd, i know. I blame the parents. Call me Sheila, and i'll glare at you real hard until you feel a sharp stabbing at your soul... okay? :) Now that that's out of the way:

I grew up in Derby, but then came to Leicester after my mum married which was about 4 years ago. Before i moved here, i was in the army for 7 months. THAT, is a whole different story. Many ask 'why?'. Others ask 'how?'. I reply, 'i was indecisive and bored'. And it was in that time that i had a revelation.
'I want to become a Game Artist!'

Since now, my goal has always been to get into university. Pass the A levels, pass the interview, get myself a lovely dept and get my arse on that course! But now that i'm here, i've had to set new goals. Get myself a decent degree that will land me my dream job doing the two most utmost things i love. Art and Game. Right here is where i could include other hobbies of mine. If there was any to include. Maybe i should get myself one of those things, i think they call them 'a life'. But come to think of it, there isn't much else i enjoy more than having a good doodle and an old thumb work out. I like how the blue in the sky is unlike any other. But that's not a hobby really is it?

Well now, what other crap would you have heard a million times? OH YEAH! My dream job.

I've always wanted to work for the big ones. On the next Assassin's Creed or something. Or Call Of Duty Extremely modern warfare 7. I guess the title isn't the important thing though. Just.. DOING it, is what's so awesome. Walking into Game with your mates, saying 'I helped make that. Yep, i designed that for that.'
Studios (the big ones again) such as Blizzard, Rockstar, Bestheda, Bungie, Codemasters, Blitz and many more. The list is pretty long, my ambitions are bigger. These companies look for artists that are not only talented, but motivated, creative, hardworking and experienced. After all, talent doesn't put bread on the table. You gotta add a bit of blood, bit of sweat. And some other stuff that eventually makes a delicious sandwich of success. :D Mmmmm yummy.

And i intend to make that sandwich! Not only make it, but eat it! With a bit of metaphorical tomato sauce on the side! I am determined to get where i want to be. I've already gotten this far. But this was just the easy bit. The skills i have will be shaped to a professional standard for the games industry.
And with that, i say thank you for reading. :)


  1. another army brat eh? good one, we like the discipline cos that's an essential quality to get through to the finals