Thursday, 20 January 2011

My Personal History of Game

So i grew up with two elder brothers. Later on my dear mother gave birth to two other wonderful kids, my lil bro and my lil sis. But that's any other story. One with alot more... gore.
The three of us were close back then. We grew up in a single parent family (not that single parents don't do as well, it was just unfortunate that my mum couldn't get a job whilst caring for us) so we never had the 'latest' doo-daa's or the trendiest of clothing. The poor second born had all the hand-me-downs from the first and i got away with it because i was the only girl. No complaints there.
So when my eldest brother came home from school with an Atari one day (charity from another kid i assume) you could only imagine the gleam on our faces as we plugged it in and had a play on a console for the very first time. I can't remember the year exactly but i assume i was something like 7 or 8 (1997/1998) because my brothers were still in junior school.

Missile Command, Asteroids and Space invaders (shown below, missile command) were the very first games i remember playing. Kudos goes to my mum actually because she jogged my memory a few months ago when we were discussing how my course was going. She said "You've always loved computer games even when your brothers would play you would just sit and watch. Do you remember the Atari?" Well i did now! Ah yes the Atari. Lest we forget your stylish bulky brown physic and 8-bit gaming quality.
 One game i absolutely remember and LOVED was Shinobi. Purely because it was so ridiculously difficult and you'd spend countless hours trying to complete it. And we did one day! It was a magical day. That brave ninja finally rescued his love from the guy with the weird sweepy hair that kinda creeped me out as a kid.. (Below, the first boss)

 Yeeeah i remember the three of us all huddled round, taking turns to complete a level once one of us died. I guess i could have spent more time reading a book or doing my homework come to think of it.
And I guess when my mother saw how much easier raising children was with a console in the house she couldn't help herself. For Christmas a couple years later (around 1998) she got us all a SEGA.
Whenever i see that word in my head i always have to sing:
                 "Seygaa" ~ 
 With the little *bling* after it... If you've ever owned one you'd know what i meant :p ! And immediately i think of Sonic. But i didn't really want to mention sonic in this because of it's recent embarrassment in video gaming. It was great once upon a time but everyone knows sonic. No, the game i have to mention is 'Alex the Kid' or 'Alex the kidd in miracle world' which was built into the Sega. Brilliant game. It's sad that I've lost all the many game cartridges we once had. I left them in Derby when we moved to Leicester. Should have kept them for the nostalgia but what can you do.

Then there was the Dreamcast which was the first console i saw that took CDs. We had a Nintendo 64 after that. My favourite game of all time is Zelda ocarina of time. Down to this day. And it kinda makes me sad that that's the case, because the whole Zelda theme has been taken to a whole new level where everyone thinks it's super cool and super trendy to be into that. i really hate being apart of 'trends' but it IS THE MOST greatest game i've ever played. Oh cruel internet...
Then we somehow obtained a Playstation AND a Gamecube. My eldest brother had started working at the local Indian restaurant so these luxuries were a real treat... sometimes. When we'd have a tiff or a fallout suddenly we were banned from his consoles. It took a lot of sucking up and sweets to release said ban let me tell you.
I'm cutting a long story short here for your sake.
Then we had an xbox which by this time entertained all 5 of us (lil bro and lil sis included). And finally, an Xbox 360.
Well the three of us have all branched off now so we don't experience gaming like the old days anymore. We all still talk about the next releases and brag about achievements and gamer scores but it'll never be the same. Not like the days when video gaming was a release from everything in the world. School and home. When it was a time of bonding and the sibling togetherness. 
I guess when it boils down to it, video games are sometimes more than just video games. In my life personally, they played a big role in childhood and bring a lot of deep memories about that era flooding back to me. Maybe in a couple years time my little sister and brother will think back to when we used to play the xbox together and that will be their time.

Moving away from the deep personal aura ~

So now i look to the future! Where hopefully people will be fully immersed in gaming so much so that they never want to leave the game and all of society will collapse! Yeah!

Dead space gore... leading the way to even MORE gory games. Why not.

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